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Unerase deleted files, fix broken file systems and recover partitions from FAT-formatted media
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6 January 2015

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If you tend to use pen drives frequently for transferring data, you may often find the need to format them appropriately and even create partitions. The Magic FAT Recovery 2.2 is one of the tools that you can use for this end and it also serves as great data recovery tool for FAT partitions. From accidental deletion of files to digging up files that do not show up normally when the pen drive is viewed in my computer; the application is without doubt one of the best of its kind. The only notable limitation of this software is that it does not work on NTFS files.

On launch the Magic FAT Recovery 2.2 application sports a neat interface that seems rather easy get a hang off. The application comes with a Wizard mode where you just need to select the drive from which you wish to recover data and the software does the rest. In case you wish to set your own preferences, you can use the tools tab from the top menu. The application uses a highly refined algorithm to detect the missing data which involves scanning of physical data sectors, block by block. During the scan process it tries to match data elements and then attempts to recover them. It is exceptionally successful in rearranging the original structure of a compromised or deleted data file and its recovery rates is next to none. The application can handle nearly every other data type that you are likely to store in a pen drive, from tiff image files to mpeg files. It also works superbly with compact flash drives.

Owing to its optimum performance in recovering deleted content from USB drives and recovering compromised data in quick time, we mark the Magic FAT Recovery 2.2 application with a score of three rating stars.

Publisher's description

Magic FAT Recovery will unerase deleted files, fix broken file systems and recover partitions from FAT-formatted media. With most memory cards and USB flash drives carrying FAT or FAT32, Magic FAT Recovery makes for a perfect tool to recover documents, pictures, music, and everything else you're likely to carry on a portable drive.
Content-aware analysis maximizes performance by reading the entire content of a memory card in order to reliably detect, locate and recover files that are missing or deleted. In addition to surefooted file recovery, content-aware analysis offers an option to rebuild the original file system, reinstate broken partitions and reconstruct disk system structures from the scratch.
Content-aware analysis works by reading the disk or flash drive block after block, matching information it reads against a comprehensive database containing characteristic signatures of known file type such as documents, pictures and audio. If a known format is recognized, the tool can analyze the file header and compute the exact location and size of the file. This approach delivers much better results compared to analyzing the file system alone.
While packing a wide range of advanced features, Magic FAT Recovery remains easily usable. With Magic FAT Recovery, you'll be able to quickly undelete files or perform complex disk repairs without a sweat. A fully guided step-by-step wizard will help you restore the disk or undelete missing files. Explorer-like user interface provides familiar user experience while browsing and viewing deleted files.
Magic FAT Recovery delivers all the features of the company's flagship recovery product, Magic Partition Recovery, sans the ability to recover NTFS disks. With the majority of USB flash sticks and memory cards such as SD, SDHC, CompactFlash etc. carrying FAT32, Magic FAT Recovery is a great value at nearly half the price of its higher-specced sibling.
Magic FAT Recovery
Magic FAT Recovery
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